Dimitris Cosvogiannis

Dimitris Cosvogiannis is an established leader, general manager and senior operating professional in the hospitality industry.

Operations Management

Operations Management

Cosvogiannis understands the day-to-day needs and challenges of a large luxury resort operation.
Project Management

Project Management

A seasoned project manager, he understands how to keep large projects flowing smoothly and with minimal interruption
Customer Service

Customer Service

Cosvogiannis understands how central great customer service is to creating an elevated luxury property experience.
Dimitris Cosvogiannis Hospitality Industry

15+ years Experience in Hospitality Industry

Dimitris Cosvogiannis is an established leader, general manager and senior operating professional in the hospitality industry. For more than 15 years, Cosvogiannis has been providing award-winning luxury hotels, resorts and organizations the innovative but decisive leadership they’ve needed to achieve superior levels of guest satisfaction and performance – goals he has consistently striven for and accomplished by fostering lasting interpersonal relationships with everyone from guests and staff to colleagues, business partners and ownership.

A results-driven professional

Dimitris Cosvogiannis has set himself apart not only as an adept manager of day-to-day hotel and resort operations, but also as a steady, forward-thinking leader capable of directing multimillion-dollar transformations – those involving years-long transitions that require anything from the creation of new standard operating procedures and policies to the preparation of budgets, the hiring of new staff, the renovation and upgrade of rooms, amenities, public areas and more.

A results-driven professional with a passion for guest service excellence, Cosvogiannis has a keen eye for identifying areas in need of improvement – as well as a talent for building and inspiring the confident, committed teams needed to carry out those enhancements as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Dimitris Cosvogiannis results-driven professional


Some of Cosvogiannis’s recent and most notable accomplishments came as:

General Manager of the Melia Braco Village Hotel (2014-2018)

a role in which he oversaw a major multimillion refurbishment and the opening and day-to-day operations of one of the most sought-after luxury boutique resort destinations on the island of Jamaica.

Group Assistant Director of Operations and General Manager at Palladium Hotel Group (2013-2014)

a position involving the oversight of four hotels at Palladium’s Ibiza, Spain, headquarters and the opening of the world-renowned, Ushuaia Towers Spa and Resort.

Rebranding General Manager of London’s Kensington Close Hotel (2012)

a six-month project that involved a multimillion-pound renovation, the implementation of an all-new vision and culture, and the establishment of all new policies, procures and hotel leadership.

General Manager (2009-2012) and Country Manager (2012-2013)

of the prestigious Grand Palladium Jamaica Resort & Spa – which included not only the daily management of one of the largest luxury resorts in the Caribbean, but also oversight and leadership of a $200 million, 1000-room, casino and conference center expansion.

General Manager of Royal St. Kitts & Casino (2008-2009)

which included leadership and oversight of a successful, major resort-wide rebranding and revitalization effort.

A Proven Leader and Champion of Innovation

Some of Cosvogiannis’s recent and most notable accomplishments came as:

Dimitris Cosvogiannis is a proven leader and champion of innovation – a seasoned hotelier whose experience not only provides him a key competitive edge, but that also serves to empower employees, teams and colleagues with the ability to evolve with and adapt to a rapidly-changing industry.

And though Cosvogiannis has long been a driver of enhanced guest services and process improvement, he has never failed to recognize the importance of individuals and teamwork at every level of the organization – those who are absolutely essential to not just to achieving organizational goals, but also to maintaining and elevating the luxury hotel experience.

Dimitris specializes in turning good into great – to bringing out and inspiring the best in his employees, his property and his organization.

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